The Journal of joberstc.
Women 12-20-07 00:40
For VV

Silly girls with Rabbit ears and whips and chains
They chase me out of the fields
And around to the other side of the library
With whips and chains I feel no pains

Oh those little women with expectations
They scold they scour they gripe and devour
So I ask them to dance of course
And their face turns to jelly and shame
Expectations bring glamorous deflation

Those old crones sick and wet with desires
With canes of wood in hand so gnarled
They swing, they croon, they jive at the melodies
Screaming deafening cries to busboys so pure
Hostile desires light fires on wires

Blessed are the scoundrels
Sleek bodies streamlined for racing
Enough horsepower to choke a donkey
Got that shiny new interior, just laid the new skins in it

Those crones, silly rabbit girls, deprived expecting
Its the scoundrels that make me howl.
Mr. Dark Man 12-20-07 00:21
The day once began and ended for me with the sun
And now no clock hangs from my ceiling
The night and the day are nothing but changes in color
The strangefolk and the normalfolk are walking hand in hand
People wrap themselves in black
A color now as bright to hurt my eyes
Death plays out in repetition over broadcast and farce
The moon is sang to with songs of no meaning

There once was a dark man in a cloak from nantucket
A funeral rite is now preformed by a braying politician
The stars are outshined by the lights of the television screen
A dead rose and spiders are ground up into health food

Hand me my organs, they are made of candy-covered sunshine

A dream, perhaps;
Walking through the dark one starless night, I found that there was no knowing which way to go or which way to step for there was no light in which to guide me. So without that burning ball of empty helium in which to set my motion about, what was I to use? So I stepped forward, not knowing where I was or where I was going. Not knowing if it was ground or the very starless sky that lay under foot. I strode over time and space with a new greater joy with each furtherment of my mind. I see that with eyes left behind me I have found in seeing a greater joy in the new and the dark than in anything else. I have wrapped myself inside of a nothingness complete and found myself in bliss. A light renewed, and I find now that I know more than I ever wanted to. Woe is my new forte.
But perhaps, only a dream.
Crescendo 12-20-07 00:11
the pictures of a doomed society are screaming for divinity

there is ionized fire inside my head

silence, at last the voices in me are rageless

the meatal mud fills my mouth and im asleep

gone, my world is born anew gone.
Hello, 12-20-07 00:07
Hello my name is joberstc. I'm new to elowel.